Reader Survey

My racing career is getting to the point where I need to try to attract some sponsors.  One of the tools I plan on using to interest sponsors is the web site itself.  In order to show prospective sponsors who they will be reaching through the site I would like to gather some information from my readers.

Please consider taking a few minutes to answer a few questions.


– Doug

Reader Survey

Some useful information about my readers.

Where do you live?

Are you male or female?

Male   Female  

What is your age?

Do you ride a motorcycle and if so what types of riding do you do?

 I do not ride.

 I ride street bikes on pavement.

 I ride dirt bikes off-road.

 I ride both street bikes and dirt bikes.

Are you considering the purchase of a new motorcycle within the next 6 months?

yes   no  

Do you plan on purchasing any motorcycle accessories or riding gear in the next 6 months?

yes   no  


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