My story in print!

For all of you who say I should write a book here it is… OK I only wrote one section of it.  The next instalment of Ted Johnson’s “Tales From the Bivouac” will include my story from the Mexican 1000 last year.  Ted’s first book which he released last year was all about the Dakar Rally where he had the opportunity to travel with the Rally PanAm team and help American rider Ned Suesse get to the finish of the 2012 Dakar.  This second edition is about some of the other rallies around the world.  Each section has been written by amateur racers like myself who are doing it for the adventure.

I am excited to read the other stories not only because I know some of these guys but also because some of these races are ones that I hope to to myself in the future.

This edition should be available within the next few weeks at and can be purchased online at:

And, for anybody who has ever wanted to know all about the Dakar from the perspective of a small team I can’t say enough about how great a read Ted’s first book is.  It can also be purchased on the TFTB site at:




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