As usual I am long overdue for posting an update.  Those of you who follow on Facebook have heard some but have not told the full story yet.

Four weeks ago I went in for surgery to repair damage to my knee due to a crash at the Black River Stages rally.  The surgery took much longer than expected, 6 hours when the doctor has expected 4, but he felt like it went well and is optimistic for the recovery.  I felt OK that first night in the hospital but I was still on a lot of serious pain drugs.  Even managed to get a little sleep that night.

Around mid day the next day they started to take me off the IV drugs in preparation to send me home.  Then the physical therapists got me up out of bed for the first time.  It was extremely difficult and painful but I managed a few steps on crutches and a trip to the bathroom.  That was all I could handle and after getting back in bed I had the worst sustained pain I have ever felt in my life.  I called the nurses in a couple of times but they had trouble reaching the doctor to get permission to give me anything.  Finally 30 minutes later I was given a shot of morphine which took what felt like forever to do anything but 20 minutes later the pain subsided.

The relief lasted about a half hour and I was calling the nurses again.  They ended up putting me back n the IV for more continuous pain relief.  I was going to need another night before going home.

The next day went better.  Before I was sent home I needed to be able to walk farther and be able to handle stairs, all on crutches of course.  The therapist got me out of bed again and I made it to the end of the hall where they had some practice straits.  It was slow and painful but I made it.  Later that evening Jane drove me home.

The first week pretty much blurred together.  I laid on the couch and watched TV.  Jane took a couple days off but by Wednesday we figured I could manage to take care of myself while she was at work.  On Thursday Paul visited for lunch and brought steak and cheese subs from Nadeau’s.  Was nice to socialize a bit to break up the monotiy.

I started PT 2 weeks after surgery and have seen slow but steady progress since then.  Big issue is flexibility of the knee.  The goal was to be able to bend it 90 degrees by now.  At my last PT appointment I was at 60, but last week I could only do 45 so I am making progress.  The therapist says I must be there before 2 weeks from now and while it may be painful it will be much worse if he has to help force it.  So if I am not there in one week he will start to help.  That is some motivation!

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