Not as planned.


Stage 1 went great.  Stage 2 not so well.  I broke my rule of not riding faster than what I can see.  Came over a blind rise into an off camber right hand curve.  Went wide and hit a tree.  Thought #1 was get back on the bike.  When I had trouble getting up I realized that wasn’t happening.  Thought 2 was the rest of the bikes might crash into my wreak due to the blind corner.  Hobbled up the hill 30 meters or so where they could see me.  Wasn’t until I sat down again that the pain really started.

X-ray shows no break.  I think my knee braces saved me….. money well spent.  They put me in an immobilizing brace and gave me a prescription for some serious pain killers.

Did not look too close at the bike but did see the front wheel was badly bent.  Hope that is all.

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  1. TC says:

    I enjoy reading about your trials, tribulations and successes. I too have a desire to ride the Dakar but with a 3yo and a 1yo my riding time has been severely cut down.

    Keep it going and I hope to see you out there somewhere.

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