Tuareg Rallye!

The time has come to move another step closer to the long term goal of the Dakar.  I have been looking into options for doing an overseas rally for some time and have been talking with Dave Peckham and Charlie Rauseo of Rally Management Services working out some logistics.

I just sent a deposit to Dave to secure my spot in their shipping container as well as for support during the race and I will be entering the Tuareg Rallye in Tunisia next March!  The Tuareg is a 7 day long rally race in north Africa.  This should be a great next step for me and is a major goal in itself.  This will give me a chance to experience a real rally and truly decide if the Dakar is a reachable dream.

Going to be one hell of an adventure.


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2 Responses to Tuareg Rallye!

  1. David Chartier says:

    Congratulations Doug, that will definitely be a huge stepping stone on your way to your dream. You are out there proving that anything is possible. Good luck!

  2. Jason Adams says:

    Woohoo! I thought it might be Tuareg when you cryptically mentioned something big in the spring!

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