Tracking me in Nevada

I am at my dad’s house in Kansas now and we are getting everything all packed up and will start heading toward Las Vegas when he gets out of work tonight.  We should be there plenty early and I hope to get through registration and tech inspection as early as possibly on Thursday.  If I am going to be standing in line in a parking lot in Las Vegas I want to do that early in the day!

I hope to do an update post before the actual race, hopefully with some pics from tech but just in case I figured I should post my spot link for people who want to follow me.

During the race on Friday hopefully this will show steady progress in a general northernly direction… keep in mind however the actual race course wanders around a bit so it might not always look like I am going the right way.

The race starts in Beatty, NV (about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas) and ends in Dayton which is pretty close to Carson City.  I estimate my start time will be somewhere around 6:30-7:00 (pacific time) on Friday morning and if all goes well I suspect it will take me around 15 or 16 hours to finish the race.  Honestly the big concern is just finishing and I believe I have close to 24 hours before the close the finish line.

I keep reminding myself of the plan… keep a decent pace, don’t take any dumb risks, stay hydrated, and keep pushing forward.  I also need to remind myself to eat a little something at each pit.  I have a bad habit on long races to not keep eating and I run out of energy before the end.  Dad will be meeting up with me at pit locations along the course about every 60 or 70 miles usually.  He has been instructed to make sure I don’t rush and skip any of this!


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  1. Christine Sjolshagen says:

    How did it go Doug? Looking for your time and the update on your experience. Your fellow bootcampers have been asking. Curious minds want to know. : )

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