Rally WV Results and getting ready for Vegas

Been crazy busy over the last couple of weeks getting ready to head out to Nevada for the “Vegas to Reno” race and have not had a chance to write about Rally WV.  I had a very good race and took 4th place overall and 2nd in class.  Very happy with that.  The new Yamaha worked great.  Most importantly I was getting faster by the end of the race and I never hit the ground once.  Actually didn’t really even have any close calls which probably means I am not pushing hard enough but considering my long term goals riding as fast as I can be comfortable with is important.

The organizers of the race did a great job.  Last year there were some hiccups with the organization, which was understandable considering how they had not held that race for a couple of years and were starting over with a lot of new volunteers.  This year everything went very smoothly so kudos to the organizers, I am looking forward to coming back next year.

Probably the most newsworthy item from the race is what happened to Braden Childers who finished 2nd overall and 1st in class (the same 450cc class I am in).  On the very final stage of the race which was a short 2.5 mile hillclimb up a good paved road he hit a deer!  He had his helmet camera running and created what is turning out to be a major viral video.


The real amazing thing is he only lost about 20 seconds with this incident.

I am just about packed up for Vegas to Reno.  The plan is to spend a few days before, then a full week afterward back in my hometown of Belleville KS so I am leaving after work tomorrow.

Bike is ready for Vegas with fresh oil, new chain, and cool new graphics!

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  1. good luck to las vegas to reno .

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