WR450 Rally Bike Buildup

I was very excited the other day to see a box from my sponsor BRP!

New triple clamp with integrated Scotts steering stabilizer under bar mount.  I had a similar one on my DRZ but this one has a big advantage over that model.  This is the new model with rubber mounts for the handlebars.

You can see the cone shaped rubber mounts in this pic.  One of the things that really got to me in the Mexican 1000 was the harshness on some of the rough roads.  This should isolate my hands from that a little bit and make long rides on rough roads more comfortable.  I hope to get this mounted up this weekend and get the bike out for some riding.  With this bike being much lighter than the DRZ it seems less stable at times, the addition of the steering stabilizer should help out a lot there.

This also showed up in the mail this week.

This is an upgraded stator to allow the bike to generate more electrical power.  Typically dirt bikes really are only designed to have enough electrical power to run the ignition, the small stock headlight, and a little left over to recharge the battery for the electric start.  Normally this is enough but once you start adding extra lights for night racing it isn’t even close.  This upgraded unit should give me a full 100 watts of power and should be plenty for my needs.

I did get a few upgrades done on the bike a couple weeks ago.  The first and most critical was a skid plate.  Here you can see the stock plastic one next to the new GYTR aluminum one.

Looks cool on the bike too!

Hand guards are a must as well, saves the hands on the narrow trails around here and more importantly saves the brake and clutch levers when the bike gets dropped.

And of course the stock tank never is big enough.  Stock is about 2 gallons, this one is 3.3 gallons.  Would prefer 4 but this should still do well.

Still on the way is a custom Renazco seat (stock dirt bike seats were never meant to actually sit on) as well as a Baja Designs light, both thanks to some help from James Renazco.  Then I need to get my turn signals mounted and wired up and I am ready for Rally WV in a few weeks.

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