Return to Dacre

Been running around kind of crazy the last few days getting ready for this weekend.  Those of you who have be following my blog from the start might recall one of the first big events I entered back when I started this ordeal was a ride in Ontario Canada called the “Paris to Dacre”.  This is an event intended to give people an idea of what it would be like to ride a day of the Dakar Rally.  We get up and hit the road just after 4am and do 500 miles of amazing riding.

This is a team event so I have Rob and Josh teamed up with me.  We load up my van tonight and are off to Canada!  We need to be at the start around mid afternoon tomorrow (Friday) and the ride is on Saturday.

Now I say “ride” and they bill this as a “non competitive” event.  However, they keep track of every teams time and everybody tries to be the first to the finish so really it is a race.  They are going to download the GPS tracks from the first few teams to verify they stayed under the organizers imposed speed limit of 110KM/h (about 65MPH) and that they didn’t take any shortcuts.

Last time I did this several people had fun following my satellite tracker which I will have with me again.  You can see where we are in real time using this link:

You should see steady progress moving toward the little town of “Dacre” throughout the day.  I am really looking forward to this, Ontario has become one of my favorite areas to ride.  Last time I did this (2 years ago, the event is only held every other year) we were soaked with rain through the whole day.  Weather forecast is looking much better this year.  Should be a blast!


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