Tri-State enduro

Over the past year I have now managed 3 trophies from enduro races however I now actually feel like I have EARNED one.  Last weekend I rode the Tri-State Enduro in Oxford Massachusetts.  This event was one of my worst races last year.  Last year I crashed early and bent up one of the radiators, then in an effort to keep the bike from overheating I rode through a “small puddle” to splash some water on the engine only to discover that it was a deep puddle with sticky mud at the bottom.  I dropped the bike and injested water into the engine ending my race.

So, my primary goal this year was just to improve on last year’s performance.  Very happy to say I was more than successful.  I started out slow in an effort to conserve my energy, perhaps a little too slow as I dropped a lot of time in the first section but in the end it worked out fairly well.  I made it to check #10 with I think 2 minutes to spare before houring out and then houred out someplace before check #11 (out of 12).  So I didn’t finish the race but I still felt relatively good (much better than after the Rocky Mountain enduro a couple weeks ago) and was satisfied.

I was pretty sure I was out of the top 3 but stuck around anyway chatting with other riders as they were figuring out the scores.  I was shocked to see that I had managed 3rd place in the C-Senior class!  Turns out everybody else had a tough time as well.  In the C-Senior class only one guy had finished the full course (congrats John!).  Second place had done 11 of 12 checkpoints, and I had done 10.  Carl in 4th place did 9 checks which is odd since looking at the score sheet he had been faster than me up to that point.  He had packed up and left before I got back so I didn’t hear what happened.

Carl, if you read this post a reply and tell me what happened.

This wraps up the enduro season for me.  There was one more scheduled for today that I wasn’t planning on going to however we got over a foot of snow in a rare October blizzard so I suspect that one got canceled anyway.  It might be time to mount up the studded tires and do some snow riding now.


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