Ready for RWV Day 1

We made it to West Virginia with no issues.  The new Sprinter van worked out great.  I am all signed up and made it through the tech inspection with no issues.  I now have my official RallyMoto number 162.
At 12:00 I have a 3 hour “new competitor oreintation” calls I need to attend.  The racing starts at 4:00 for the bikes and 5:30 for the cars.  Not a lot of bikes are signed up, only 8 were pre-registered, hopefully a couple more will show up for late reg.  There were 30+ cars last I saw.

Today we run 4 stages.  The first 2 will be before sunset and are actually the same road twice so we can see if I start to learn the road and can do a faster time on the second.  Then, we have a 1 hour service break and we do the same road twice again but this time in the opposite direction and at night!  I plan on taking it fairly easy on the night stage since I don’t have a lot of extra light.  I did add some auxillary led driving lights to the bike and I have a high power led helmet light so at least I have redundant lights in case one goes out.

If everything goes on schedule I should return back to the service park before 10:30.  I probably wont be able to find a wifi signal there so might not be able to do another update until tomorrow morning.  We start Day 2 tomorrow at 10:15 so hopefully will have time to post again before then.


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