I went out to the local trail system which MVTR helps to maintain on Sunday to help out with some trail maintenance. I spent the morning with a few other guys helping to fix a bridge that had gotten shifted by flood waters during the spring. Since the riding area is part of a flood control area it is not uncommon to have issues like this. Thanks to “Tuck” and his tractor we were able to drag it back into place and get it secured and leveled in about 1/2 the day.

After the bridge was in place we went out to lunch, then a couple of us headed back out to do some riding.  It was a hot day but we were not going to haul bikes all the way out to the trails and not ride them!

About 5 minutes into the ride I was glancing back to make sure Jeff was still behind me.  Evidently I drifted to the left side of the trail and I smacked my foot into something solid.  Normally that isn’t a problem but for some reason my toe dropped down and my foot got smashed between whatever it was I hit and the foot peg on the bike.  I managed to keep control of the bike but had to stop and deal with the excruciating pain in my foot.  I was certain it was broken but after about 5 minutes most of the pain went away.

I probably should have called it a day then but I felt like riding so we continued on with the plan.  We rode for a couple of hours and did one of the harder trails (mostly to get a chance to use the bridge we spent all morning fixing!).  With the heat neither of us were riding all that fast, we needed several breaks.  Between my foot not feeling quite right and Jeff riding a kick-start only bike which was at times difficult to get re-started it it took us a little over 2 hours to finish the ride.

Walking around afterwards I started to realize the foot was hurt a little more than I realized so I came home and kept it elevated.  On monday I tried to take it easy but through the day it started to swell up.  Tuesday morning I figured it was time to have it looked at.

So, long story short, the x-rays didn’t show any breakage.  Very good news since that really would have put a serious dent in my racing plans later this summer (more on that in a future post).  But, I do need to be easy on it and keep it wrapped up and elevated.  The Dr. gave me a lovely shoe which is supposed to keep the foot from flexing (stylish don’t you think!).


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