Suspension overhual time

I had planned to take care of this over the winter but as usual the job never got taken care of.  On of my fork seals has started leaking (not a good thing) and I have known that the suspension isn’t really set up properly for my weight.  I have been hearing very good things about Factory Connection, they are a shop that does dirt-bike suspension work.  They claim to be able to make it “better than brand new” and can set it up perfectly for my weight, riding skill and type of terrain I typically ride.

So last weekend I got ambitious and decided to pull the parts off the bike.  I didn’t realize just how much had to be removed to get that rear shock off.  Looks like the bike exploded all over the garage!

I dropped the parts of Monday and they called yesterday with an estimate.  There are a lot of “wear parts” and of course I need every one of them.  That isn’t too surprising I suppose since I haven’t done anything but ride it and not sure what the previous 2 owners did.  Also I need different springs (to match my weight) and the shaft on the shock is a little rusted and pitted so it needs to be replaced.  So… going to be a little more expensive that I originally expected but hopefully it will be worth it.

I should get the parts back today and hopefully will get the bike ready to go riding on Sunday.


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