Season 2 begins

Sorry for the lack of updates over the winter.  I realized that other than the post talking about the new site I have not updated since October which was 6 months ago!  Not a lot has happened since then as far as motorcycling goes.  I never got around to doing any ice racing this year.  The plan had been to do the snow enduro, I even bought a new set of spiked snow tires and had them mounted up and ready to go.  The problem is we had TOO MUCH SNOW THIS WINTER!!!!!!  The club that hosts the snow enduro was even getting snowmobiles stuck when trying to lay out the trails so the enduro got canceled.

Part of the lack of motorcycling has been due to the fact that I switched jobs a couple months back.  I spent nearly 15 years at DEC/Compaq/HP (company kept changing due to getting sold).  Over the past couple of years HP has downsized a lot in this area and while my job was secure I was tired of working from home and being isloated from co-workers.  It was nice for a while but I really needed to be around people again.  So, now I am working for Dell in the Equallogic storage division.  The funny thing is I am in the same facility where I was before HP sold it, and a large number of my co-workers are the same people I worked with back in the DEC days.  Really feels like I have gone back in time.  So far it has been good, hopefully I will have a long and happy career there.

But this blog is not about my job so back to more motorcycle topics.

The trail riding season has begun again!  Last weekend was the Hoot Owl ride.  If you look back in the blog you will see that was my first big trail ride.  I had been looking forward to this one for a while.  Now that I have a year’s worth of trail riding experience and more importantly a much lighter bike I was eager to try my first repeat event.

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite as well as planned.  The ride is a couple years earlier than last year and we have had a lot of rain, including heavy rains the night before the ride.  A lot of the trails were the same ones I remembered from last year but I have never seen so much mud before in my life!  However… while I could try to blame it on the mud the real issue is I got out of my exercise routine over the winter.  My legs were giving out and I just couldn’t manage to ride standing up.  When trying to sit on rough trails you get bounced around so bad and you don’t have good control over the bike.  That leads to more fatigue and the whole thing spirals downward.  So, I only managed to do about 45 miles this time, last year I believe I made it 60 (in much drier conditions).

I was sore for 3 days after the ride.  As soon as the soreness went away I did a good workout.  This was a good motivator to remind me I need to stay in shape.

I have some good early summer riding plans this year, going up to Canada again for some dual-sport riding.  More on that later.  Right now I think I am going to get off my butt and head out to the garage to work on the bikes.


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