Prepping for my first race

This weekend marks another big milestone along my journey.  I am entering my first enduro race tomorrow!  The past couple of weeks I have been busy working on the deck (so Jane will let me out of the house for the weekend) and getting the bike ready.  A couple days after I got it I had it stripped down in the garage.



The biggest thing was I put on a street legal kit (turn signals, brake light, horn and mirror) put on a new rear fender (old one was broken) and generally checked over the bike.  I found quite a few loose and missing bolts but have not found any serious issues.  It seems like it should be a good bike, of course at this point I had only ridden it a few laps around the yard.

Just the other day I finally got everything bolted back together and got it plated and insured.  Finally it was ready to ride.  I took it for a quick trip into town to have lunch with a couple of friends and then after work took it out to the trails for my first real ride on it.



I have to say I am amazed.  The bike makes me look like a much better rider.  Granted, nobody is going to confuse me with David Knight but hopefully I won’t be going so slow I am in everybody’s way.

So, I am heading out this afternoon to Sandisfield, MA for the “Mudslinger Enduro” tomorrow morning.  My goal is to just finish.  For those unfamiliar with an enduro it isn’t just an all out race.  You are given target speeds for each part of the course and you are supposed to ride at that pace.  They then throw in surprise checkpoints and you loose points if you are early or late.  However, on some sections they will give a target speed that not even the best riders can keep so everybody looses points so speed is still important.  If you are more than an hour behind the target time it is called “houring out” and you are done.  So, my goal is to stay within the hour.

If I have 3G coverage tonight I may post an update tonight from my camp site.



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