Riding on ice

Sorry, been really bad about updating the blog over the last couple of weeks.  Been having a LOT of fun riding the IT on the ice!  It reall is amazing how well the bike grips on good clean ice.  Also kind of scary how quickly you can loose that traction when you hit a patch of snow.

Two weeks ago Jane went with me out to the Saratoga Springs, NY area for a ride and party with a bunch of other ADV guys.  That was my first time with the IT200 on the ice.  I got fairly comfortable but wasn’t real fast.  Some of the problem was that the front tire wasn’t gripping quite as well as the rear, but to be honest most of it was lack of riding technique.  Either way I had a lot of fun and did a ton of laps.  Only dropped the bike once when the front went out from under me.  Dropping the bike when riding on ice really isn’t too bad.  I have plenty of protection on and you just slide.  I had several other times when I went into a corner too hard and had to just go wide, that’s another advantage of riding on ice – there is basically unlimited runoff to the side of the track.

Before the next weekend I decided to try to do something about the front end grip.  Here is how I had the front tire set up orignally:

Since I had plenty of grip in straight line braking I left the center row the same but on most of the other lugs I moved the existing screw to a corner of the lug and added a second:

So, last weekend I went up to northernVT for some more riding.  I definitely felt an improvement with the front tire.  Also, I got some good riding tips from one of the guys (thanks Rob!) which made a big difference.  The biggest thing is I need to lean the bike more to get it to bite in the corners.

I did even more laps up in VT than I had the week before in NY and most certainly got faster.  Some of the other guys mentioned I was looking faster as well.  I really was feeling confident that I could push the limit and keep control when the bike looses grip.  Also, was not as sore after that ride as I had been the week before.

A couple of videos from over in NY.  Sorry for the low res, the camera was on the wrong setting.

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