P2D is this weekend!

This weekend is the big event for the summer. I am doing the Paris to Dacre ride in Ontario Canada.  This is an 800km (500mile) ride through Ontaria, starting near Paris (not far from Toronto) and ending in Dacre (almost to the Quebec border).  The intention of the ride is to try to simulate what a day of the Dakar rally is like.  Granted, Ontario doesn’t have deserts with big sand dunes like the Dakar but it sounds like there is still a lot of good off-road riding.  It is technically not a “race” but is a “challenge ride”.  Just finishing is the key however it sounds like many people want to get to Dacre first for the bragging rights.  Our team’s goal is just to finish which is a challenge in itself.  The ride is expected to take about 16 hours, and that is if things go well.

I have been meaning to do a blog post talking about all the preparation I have been doing but was so busy between getting the bike ready to go, packing camping gear and supplies for the ride along with trying to get some important stuff finished up at work I have not had a chance to do much else.  The DRZ is all set, I put on a fresh set of tires, changed oil, and checked to make sure everything is tight.  So far the bike has been good and reliable, hope that continues.

Jane and I are on our way now.  We left home around 10:00 this morning and are in north-west NY state camping right on the shores of Lake Ontario.  We are most of the way there now so there won’t be a rush tomorrow morning, we can just enjoy camping.  Jane and I always say we want to do more camping but all too often never find the time.

Nice views of the sunset here.


2010-06-24 20.42.25

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