Paris to Dacre – the start


I was excited that the day had finally arrived.  I had spent the last several months training and planning for this event.  Jane and I had just arrived in Burford ON where the Paris to Dacre would start at 4am the next morning.  I had gone through tech inspection and spent some time getting organized for the next day’s ride with my teammates Robb and Brad.  It was 11pm and I was too excited to sleep.  Luckilly I had a good nights sleep the night before and had a nice relaxing day.  I got to bed a little after 11 and rested but never did actually sleep.  At 3am when I started to hear other people moving about I decided to hop out of bed and start getting ready.

It was a beautivul clear morning illuminated by a full moon.  I was able to get most of my gear on without using a light.  The organizers had set up some breakfast so I grabbed a muffin and some coffee but was too excited to eat much.  I knew I should probably eat what I could since it was going to be a very long day.

Teams are started in 1 minute intervals starting at 4am.  The starting order was drawn at random and our team wasn’t so lucky.  There were 31 teams, and we started 31st!  The nice  thing is that meant we had an extra 31 minutes to get ready to roll but I would have preferred to have the extra time.  We got into line at about 4:25 and watched the teams ahead roll out one by one.

At 4:30 when the team ahead left we rolled up to the starting line.  Here you can see Robb and you can just partly see Brad right behind.

a P2D 2010 009

4:31am and we are off, 800km to go!

to be continued…


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