Home improvement, poison ivy, and yet another bike!?

Sorry, been a busy couple of weeks and I have not gotten back to my Paris to Dacre story. Hope to do that soon. Since most of my summer has been spent getting ready for the P2D my home improvement projects have gotten behind. I was supposed to start building a deck on the back of the house in the spring but never seemed to find the time to get started. Finally last weekend I got started for real.

2010-07-13 07.46.13

The first major task was to dig the holes for the concrete footings.  Those of you who live in New Hampshire know that digging around here isn’t much fun.  It isn’t called the “Granite State” for nothing.  I had my nephew Josh helping and rented a powered auger style post hole digger but it was still a couple days of pretty serious labor.  Then, to make it much worse I managed to get in a bit of poison ivy.  It started out very minor, I thought it was just a mosquito bite but it kept getting worse and worse.  I will spare you and not show pictures of my disgusting rashes on my arms and legs, just trust me, it got pretty nasty.

Anyway, back to motorcycle stuff…..

Yes, believe it or not I have bought yet another bike.  I have been watching Craig’s List for a good deal on a ligher weight trail bike.  I really do like the DRZ and for most of what I use it for it is great but it really doesn’t do well on tight difficult trails.  I decided that if I want to try entering some enduro races I need something more appropriate to the task.

I spotted this on Craig’s List:

2010-07-16 11.11.43

2010-07-16 11.11.58

It is a 2006 Yamaha WR250F.  It seems to be in good mechanical shape but needs a few odds and ends.  It isn’t a street legal bike but in New Hampshire it isn’t too difficult to convert it over.  Most enduro races require the bike is street legal since they have some road sections (timed of course where you are required to go the speed limit on those sections).  I ordered a ton of parts, turn signal/brake light kit, new rear fender, front disc brake protector, an enduro computer and a bunch of other small odds and ends.  I hope to get it set up in the evenings this week (but of course need to prioritize working on the deck).

So yes, I am now up to 4 bikes.  But, the old IT200 is for sale.  I had one interested buyer but he has decided to hold off on buying a dirt bike for now.  I will probably write up a “for sale” post for the blog here in case one of you wonderful readers wants it.  It is a fun little bike, great for learning trail riding on, and you can help me get back on budget 🙂


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