First race

I just got home from riding my first enduro race.  I feel like I just went 10 rounds with a professional heavyweight boxer.  I went in with 2 goals: don’t injure myself and finish the race.  I was successful with the first goal, I am sore and a little banged up but not injured.  I will certainly be feeling this for a few days.  For the most part I avoided injury to the bike as well, I broke a mirror (cheap to fix) and I _may_ have seriously reduced the lifespan of my clutch (not so cheap).

On the "finish the race" goal I was not even close.  I houred out by 2 minutes at the second checkpoint at around 20 miles.  I did however keep riding, even though at this point I was officially disquailified from the race.  The guys at the checkpoint said it was fine if I wanted to keep riding, they would be the check riders and once they caught me then I would be officially done.  I am happy to say that they didn’t catch me.

So, while officially I only made it to the first check within my time limit I still rode 1/2 of the full course.  There were a lot of other riders who stopped at that point as well.  The enduro has had a reputation for being one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) in the area.  They had said they made it easier this year and also the fact that the weather has been very dry helpped a lot but many people told me that considering this was my first enduro I didn’t do that badly.  I am still rather dissapointed I didn’t make it farther.

I am still happy I tried it, and hopefully this will make the next one seem much eaiser.  In retrospect I should have had different goals.  I should have put "have fun riding my dirt bike" and "get some experience" above "finish the race".  Looking at it that way it was a more successful outing.

Will write up more about the ride itself later.  Right now going to have a beer and relax.


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