The past 2 months

Sorry, been very bad about updates lately.  It is way past time for an update.

The last two months have been a little crazy.  I finished (well mostly finished) the deck I was building and I have been moved to a new division at HP so work has been rather crazy as well.  We also had a family tragidy in early September.  Our dog Duncan had been getting very sick for the last several months.  We knew he did not have a lot of time left but through most of it while he was not eating much and had no energy he still appeared to be comfortable and happy to just enjoy our company.  Then in early September he took a turn for the worse and was in obvious pain.  Jane and I had made the decision ahead of time that we were not going to let him suffer but it was still a very difficult decision when the time did come.  Even now I find this very difficult to write.  Duncan was a very big part of our familyand will be missed by everyone who knew him.



Jane and I decided that Duncan would want us to have another dog soon to continue his legacy.  You can never “replace” a special member of the family like this but as Jane put it “we have a dog sized hole in our lives” and Duncan wouldn’t want that.  Duncan had been a homeless stray who Jane adopted when she lived in New Mexico.  Any new dog would of course be someone who needed a home.  We recently found a wonderful 10 month old pup from the local animal shelter.  We have named her “Dixie” (I wanted a “D” name for Duncan’s legacy) and she has adjusted very quickly to her new home.  We see a lot of Duncan’s characteristics in her and we think Duncan would approve.

Now, back to the Dakar planning news.  Today is 1 year from when I first announced my plan on  Yes, I am still moving forward and even over the past couple of months I have gotten some good riding in.  I am planning a “year in review” post which hopefully I will get to tonight.  If I don’t get to it then it will have to wait until next week sometime as I am heading off to race an enduro on Sunday.


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